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Manual Portable Gypsum Board Cutter

Manual Portable Gypsum Board Cutter

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Product Description:

Manual Portable Gypsum Board Cutter made of Stainless steel material, environmentally friendly, cutting clean, no burrs and no dust. The blade is quick and easy to install, with no need for tools, which is more convenient.

The width of the cutting board is freely adjustable. The blade adopts an art blade, and the design of the double blade is keener. Practical and accurate four bearings, smooth and quiet, having a long service life. Neatly slices through both sides at once, leaving a smooth, professional edge. Reduces your cutting time

Double handle design makes cutting safe, labor-saving, convenient and comfortable. Machines finishing tech angle box kit extension handles for boxes patch knife wallboard saw handle calculated industries multi mark locator sanders clinch pouch dust-free vacuum sander cutter quick rip.


  • Total height: 725mm
  • Item weight: 1600g
  • Cutting range: 20-600mm
  • Material: ABS/stainless steel