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Handheld Wearable Clothes Iron

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Product Description:

Handheld Wearable Clothes Iron 220V & 800W powerful clothes steamer can quickly heat up in less than the 30s. Really a good helper for business travel or home use, just say goodbye to wrinkled clothes.

The high-temperature steam softens the fiber wrinkles, and at the same time brings the heat to the panel, and the heated aluminum alloy panel presses the clothes twice to achieve the effect of shaping the lines. Uniform conduction of heat from the steam, tightly and seamlessly fit the garment.

The new product is equipped with a flexible elbow folding design, which makes the volume of the handheld ironing machine shrink again. The folded body can be mastered by hand, and the home can be easily stored and taken away at any time.

Folding and hanging machine, light and compact, but steamy enough, with the aluminum alloy panel can be used as iron, so that the clothes are ironed and put on the clothes, the effect is immediate.