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24pcs (6 sets) Black Dinnerware Set

24pcs (6 sets) Black Dinnerware Set

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Product Description:

This 24-Pcs Black Dinnerware Set is made from eco-friendly materials. Combines solid, slip-proof build and protect dinner plates from chips when they impact the wall or other dinnerware. Greater resistance to stains and rust, superior shine; polished handles, edges and fork tines for long-wearing use.

24-Pcs Black Dinnerware Set is modern, contemporary, formal or casual settings, long to extra long narrow rounded handles, scooped shaped spoons and lighter weight. Carrying case to keep the tableware clean in an outdoor environment.

The timeless elegant design makes this silverware appropriate for formal events or everyday meals. The dishwasher is Suitable for use in hotels, homes, bars, parties. Perfect cutlery set for Weddings, Catered events, party, Family reunion, Upscale.